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Multi-Cellular Bandwidth Bonding Router (6 WAN)
SpeedFusion Bandwidth/VPN Bonding
1x USB, 2x Ethernet, Wi-Fi WAN
2x Embedded 4G LTE Modem (Global GSM)
802.11ac Wi-Fi AP
Optional 4x 802.3af PoE Ports
Full antenna set

Pepwave MAX HD2 datasheet

Package Content: MAX HD2, 12V3A Power Supply (ACW-602), 4x 2LTE Antennas (ACW-813), 4x Wi-Fi Dual Band Antennas (ACW-341), 4x Wi-Fi Antenna Extender with Magnetic Base (ACW-800), 1 Pair of Mounting Brackets kit (ACW-721), 1x GPS Antenna (ACW-232)

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