MAX HD2 LTE IP67 (US & Europe/Int’l GSM)

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Tough Multi-Cellular Outdoor Router
SpeedFusion Bandwidth/VPN Bonding
1x Embedded 4G LTE Modem (for use in the US; Canada; and South America)
1x Embedded 4G LTE Modem (GSM: Global Compatibility) 1x Ethernet WAN
1x Ethernet LAN
IP67 Enclosure
Pre-activated SIM card required
PoE Injector Available Separately

Pepwave MAX HD2 IP67 datasheet

HD2 IP67 installation guide

Package Content: MAX HD2 IP67, Waterproof 100V-240V AC Female Connector, Waterproof 12V-56V DC Female Connector, 2x Waterproof Ethernet Connector Kit (ACW-112), Mounting Kit (ACW-723)

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